Cheswick Cleaning Service

After a long day, you deserve a clean home to relax in. Our goal is to make that process as easy as possible for you. With Maids In Red, you can expect a Cheswick Cleaning Service with high quality results.

About Maids In Red

Cleaning can be a unnecessary headache and we know there are many different cleaning companies to choose from. Because of that, we work daily to get better in serving our clients. Not only do you need to trust your cleaners you let in your home, you also have to trust that they do a great job cleaning.

We Provide

  • One-time or reoccurring visits
  • Same cleaner each visit unless you tell us otherwise
  • Squeaky clean background checked cleaners.
  • We supply all cleaning supplies & equipment.
  • Fast 60 second online booking
  • 200% satisfaction guarantee
  • How Cleaning Company Works

    When the weekend arrives , you shouldn’t be cleaning! You should be letting a cleaning service handle all the scrubbing while you relax.

    We specialize in taking the stress out of cleaning. You can get a free quote online or by giving our office a call at 412-668-5007

  • Book online in 60 seconds
    Book & Pay online, well send a cleaning team out to tackle your cleaning.
  • Get a 5 star cleaner
    Our cleaning techs are friendly and reliable, they have been background check and vetted.
  • Manage everything online
    Book, reschedule, leave notes and add on new items to your cleaning package.
  • We Treat Your Homes Like Ours

    At Maids In Red we are 100% insured so you can have a peace of mind when we enter your home.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Our cleaners are professionally trained. If your unsatisfied with your cleaning, well send the cleaners back at as soon as possible.
  • Immediate Online Quotes

    Party? Guests coming in town? We’ll give an immediate price quote so you can enjoy your time rather than worry about the mess.
  • We Are Experts

    Our cleaners have years of experience with tackling dirt and grime. results.

Reasons to Choose Us

Other than are 200% customer satisfaction guarantee there are few other key attributes that define who we are and what makes us different from any other.

Top-Rated Company

We have a successful track record with our clients. Our cleaners complete our handcrafted checklist to ensure nothing is missed.

Superior Quality

We use only top brand cleaning products and equipment to ensure all the dirt and grime is out of your home.

Eco-Friendly Products Available

We use green products (if requested) which are great if you have pets or don’t want to hard anything in your environment.

Clear & Simple Pricing

One size does not fit all. We try our best to tailor a package that meets your particular needs and stays within your budget. Check out our cleaning prices below.


$ 60/Hour per Cleaner
  • 2-Hour Minimum
  • Specialized/Custom cleaning. Recommended for cleaning of specific areas
  • All supplies are included
  • $18 off weekly cleanings


$ 119 Flat Rate
  • ~1.5 Hours
  • Cleaning of studio and the common areas and bathrooms selected
  • All supplies are included
  • $17.85 off weekly cleanings

One Bedroom

$ 139 Flat Rate
  • ~2 Hours
  • Cleaning of 1 bedroom and the common areas and bathrooms selected
  • All supplies are included
  • $19.35 off weekly cleanings

Two Bedroom

$ 159 Flat Rate
  • ~2.5 Hours
  • Cleaning of 2 bedrooms and the common areas and bathrooms selected
  • All supplies are included
  • $22.35 off weekly cleanings

Three Bedroom

$ 179 Flat Rate
  • ~3-3.5 Hours
  • Cleaning of 3 bedrooms and the common areas and bathrooms selected
  • All supplies are included
  • $28.35 off weekly cleanings

Four Bedroom

$ 209 Flat Rate
  • ~3.5-4 Hours
  • Cleaning of 4 bedrooms and the common areas and bathrooms selected
  • All supplies are included
  • $34.35 off weekly cleanings

Maid Service Cheswick Cleaning

Managing a busy life catch up to you and affect your health & happiness, we can help you relief your stress by hiring Maids In Red, we are a professional trustworthy maid service in Pittsburgh and also service the surrounding communities.  You can book us directly on our website or by giving our office a call at 412-668-5007

No MORE cleaning & maintaining the hygiene of your home, those days are OVER. Keeping a house clean may be one of the biggest responsibilities that a homeowner or tenant has to deal with. It doesn’t matter how much you hate cleaning you STILL have to do it. Vacuuming carpets, dusting rooms , mopping floors and sterilizing bathrooms. Our time is very precious , use your time wisely and hire Maids In Red to help you with your cleaning needs.

Completing daily household chores are very tiresome, it gets even worse when you have to manage children and other weekly commitments that come with managing a family.  if this sounds familiar to you, you should consider hiring  a Maid Service Pittsburgh. Apart from saving you time, stress and headache of cleaning your home, maid service Pittsburgh has other advantages. 

Why You Need Maid Services

1. Time

The majority of our clients decided to hire us as their cleaning service because we save them time. Hiring a maid will free up your time to spend with your family , friends and even your profession. On top of saving you time, your home will remain clean and organized.


2. Convenience

When choosing a maid service, you can schedule the cleaners to arrive so it fits your timetable. The majority of maid services in Pittsburgh work 7 days a week. Working with these service will your home sanitized and clean whenever you want without interrupting your daily routines.

3. Experience

Maids services in Pittsburgh are staffed with Professional cleaners who are well trained with lots of experience. The professional cleaners use top of the line tools and methods that can tackle any cleaning job. There expertise allows them to handle any kind of dirt and achieve the best results. 

4. Attentive to Details

Most homeowners don’t give it their all when it comes to cleaning their home. Maid services in Pittsburgh its a bit different, they pay close attention to details while cleaning. Homeowners typically clean the visible surfaces looking over the small cracks and crevices.  The difference between home owners and maid cleaners is maids pay special attention to small details which include window blinds, baseboard , vents, fans and other hidden items and areas of your home.

5. Effort

Maid services will save you a ton of time & effort. Finding a reliable maid service in Pittsburgh could be a daunting task. It’s very hard to find trustworthy cleaners who love to clean all day long. Working with a company who monitors and trains their cleaners is the best bet to take your time back.

6. Healthier Homes

We all head the saying; a clean home is a healthy home. Having a clean home is such a great thing. Staying on top of cleaning your home reduces the risk of family , friends & pets coming in contact with germs and other unhealthy things found in no so clean homes. Maids services not only clean you home, some clean your carpets , air ducts and furniture that carry germs. A good maid service will only choose to use high-quality tools and equipment. 


7. Affordability

Hire a house maid Pittsburgh because of their affordability. There are plenty of Maid services in Pittsburgh who offer amazing discounts for one time and recurring cleaning. This ensure that you get the most bang for your buck

8. Boredom

Cleaning a house is very boring, we can get sidetracked very easily. This results in not completing your home cleaning. Not focuses on your household chores can sacrifice the quality of your work. Its Ok, don’t worry about these problems because maid services are just for you. Home maids will complete all your cleaning chores to perfection eliminating you from the boredom and stress of cleaning.


9. Unexpected Cleaning Chores

Cleaning chores that come up unexpected are part of your home cleaning maintenance. There are many different things that can make these chores come to head, for example a sudden home gathering or party. You may also have family coming to visit for a extended point of time.Managing these chores can become very hectic in a short period of time. If distractions get in your way, we are here to help! Contacting a good maid service in Pittsburgh can take all your worries away. 

10. Handling Sophisticated Cleaning Services

Work stress is something you don’t have to worry about when hiring a Pittsburgh maid service. Reason Being , they are skilled with a lot of experience. Coming home from work with a spotless home, without cleaning it yourself is something most people can’t imagine. 

There are a handful of reasons why you should be considering hiring a maid service in Pittsburgh. Keep in mind there are certain things you need to consider before hiring a maid to clean your home. Regardless of where you found your maid, these simple suggestions will make sure you find a maid that is not only reliable but gives you the most quality for your investment.

Maid Service Considerations

1. Your Requirements

This should be the first thing you consider when hiring a maid service in Pittsburgh. What kind of service do you have in mind? How long do you want the maids to work for you? Does your home require any other cleaning needs? Is furniture cleaning part of the deal? Make a list of all your home needs before finding a maid to clean your home. Once you have your list , before booking make sure that cleaning service can take care of your home cleaning needs.

2. Location

Location is important, you want to look for a maid service that has multiple teams all across your area. You’ll want to choose a service that already has clients near you , so cleaners can get to your home quickly.

3. Cost

Finding out the cost of hiring a particular company before contracting them is important. You should get different quotes from different cleaning companies in Pittsburgh and comparing them. Please keep in mind that , its not always a wise idea to settle for the cheapest service on the block. Instead, go for a company that offers the best solutions for your cleaning needs.

4. References

The best references come from family & friends who use maid cleaning services on a recurring basis. You should also ask the cleaning company for any references or samples of their past work.

5. Security Checks

Allowing someone in your house can be a scary thing. This is why you should always ask your maid service about their security and background checks. This ensures you that the cleaners are friendly and trustworthy. Most reputable maid service providers carefully screen their cleaning techs to ensure that they’re honest and hardworking.

6. Reputation

Most a the time a company with a good reputation will ensure you great results when it comes to cleaning your office or home. Apart from asking for references, it’s upon you to do some research and investigations about the reviews and feedback of the maid service companies in Pittsburgh. We also recommend searching online for company reviews from past customers of the cleaning company. If you can’t find reviews online about the cleaning service, try to check Facebook to see if they have a Facebook page.

7. Gather Information

Once you located reputable cleaning companies try and find out as much information about those companies as possible. You can also talk to their previous clients to get an idea of their attitude, nature, and their mode of operation. Their current clients can also give you valuable information about their mode of operation.

What You Should Look For in a Maid Service

1. Efficiency

Maids that are from professional cleaning agencies in Pittsburgh are better than regular solo cleaning maids because they are well trained for house cleaning before being able to clean homes on their own. They are also supplied with all high quality cleaning products and tools. They do not have to have their own budget for cleaning supplies. Most of the companies provide top of the line supplies. 

2. Trust

When dealing with a city like Pittsburgh , its very important that you do proper verification of your cleaning service. Try and get a copy of your cleaners ID and other important documents to give yourself a piece of mind when the cleaners are at your location. Working with a cleaning company in Pittsburgh is great because most of the time cleaners have already been background tested and vetted. 

3. Mode of Payment

Work with a cleaning service that accepts many different payments. Some companies only accept credit cards , while others are just looking for cash. Services are also billed differently depending on the company. Some charge a hourly rate, while others charge a flat rate. Find out every detail regarding paying for your cleaning service before working with a company.

4. A Range of Services

Great maid services will offer different cleaning packages , they may also offer flat rate pricing or hourly rate pricing. These tasks may range from sweeping, mattress cleaning, vacuuming and washing dishes. If needed, a great maid should also offer  a chance for their clients to offer a custom cleaning list. The custom cleaning list would be a list created by the customer for the maids to complete one by one. All you need to do is inform the Pittsburgh maid service of your checklist and they will add it to your cleaning package.

5. Insurance

Always make sure your home cleaners are insured when you are hiring a maid in Pittsburgh. The company should be 100% insured against any liability. The insurance will cover the maid in case any accidents happen. Hence, the cleaning company should check monthly with the cleaners to make sure they are insured before sending them to your location to clean.

6. Bonded Maids

Whats a bonded maid? A bonded maid is protected against theft in your home that may occur during the cleaning process. Check to see if the cleaning company has themselves listed as bonded as long with the customer. This protects your belongings in case anything comes up missing.

7. Equipment Used

Before working with a maid service in Pittsburgh double check to make sure the company is well equipped with the most up to date cleaning equipment. There are companies that want the customer to supply the cleaning supplies and tools such as a vacuum. Stay away from maid services that have no though for a clean environment. Instead, choose one who shows a attempt to better our environment with green or eco friendly products. Last check and see how each company handles complaints, so offer 200% money back guarantee. 

Advantages of Hiring a Maid Service

1. Professional maids are trained well with years of experience. This ensures they can complete cleaning assignments above the normal homeowner.  Our maids cleaned hundreds of homes, so you wont have to babysit them while they are cleaning yours.

2. Professional Maid Service Pittsburgh agencies offer a wide range of services to pick from. You can select your service based on your needs , budget or preferences. We offer both commercial and residential cleaning.

3. Cleaning Services in Pittsburgh typically offer their own cleaning supplies and equipment when you hire them. You won’t have to go through the trouble of buying supplies and equipment. Our goal is to save you time and money.

4. Working with a professional cleaning company is great because, you are always guaranteed a cleaner. You wont have to go through the process of finding a cleaning service and spending more money again. If your current house cleaner falls ills or cant make it to your location, a professional cleaning company will just send another one in place. The cleaning company will always provide you with a back up cleaner.

5. Having a well cleaned home will make you feel wonderful. It will also portray a since of accomplishment to your friends and family.

6. The majority of professional maid service in Pittsburgh are insured and bonded. Because of this you can hold the company accountable in case something is broken or stolen from your home. Most professional maid service providers in Pittsburgh are usually insured and bonded. 


When deciding to work with a maid, keep in mind that they are all different from each other. Things that may differ between companies are the cleaning companies preferences, requirements and level of service delivery. This is why you need to give your new cleaning company a chance , it may take a clean or two to get accustomed to your home, so your results are perfect.  Maid services in Pittsburgh should not only be efficient but reliable as well.  You can not afford to over look the safety of your family and home.  Make sure you verify all information given by a cleaning company so help you live a better life.